Knots out

The bad news in the world, debt crisis here, debt crisis there, combined with the ever increasing bad news about Afghanistan did nothing to lift my spirits on this Friday weekend day. The distressing news about what is happening in this part of the world, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan is jumping out from every newspaper and newscast, yet I kept on reading and watching. It left me with a big hole in my heart and a strong urge to leave. As if I am on a sinking ship – especially people who write about Afghanistan seem to think it is.

My masseuse told me that many of her foreign clients are indeed leaving and she is wondering whether she can stay afloat without them. I am the only one left who comes to her place – the others ask her to come to their guesthouses and now there are fewer places to go to. We all felt a bit gloomy.

But then she and her young Afghan assistant gave me a four handed massage that made me forget of about everything bad, at least for an hour. Lisa jubilantly stated that all the kinks have been worked out of my muscles – it took about a year. “Look,” she exclaimed, “how my hand slides easily over your back.” It is a small victory but worth celebrating as it is very easy here to get all knotted up.

I found out about the gender of my hairdresser. Sammy is a girl born in a boy’s body. A high priced Chinese doctor has already made some adjustments and more are coming for an exorbitant sum of money that will require a lot of haircutting. Some people think it is ridiculous to pay that much to create congruence between body and mind but I can imagine why that would be worth a lot, especially in societies that are quick to classify people as misfits or degenerates.

I sat down after dinner to watch the Breakfast Club for the umpteenth time but the DVD player keeps stalling and I gave up. I do have to watch it sometime to develop the promised discussion notes for the SOLA girls. Right now they are in the middle of their exams and won’t have time to watch, so I have time.

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