Hope, a wet phone and a new phone

Wali is going to re-apply for his US visa, he (we, Afghanistan) has to, too many eggs in that basket – we can’t let it fall to the ground. We are keeping our fingers crossed and keep sending out prayers and appeal to the good vibes in the universe. We do the same with F. who is now in Delhi waiting for her UK visa. We need everyone’s prayers – the kids are Afghanistan’s hope for redemption.

On a more mundane level, I dropped my phone on the tiled floor of the bathroom which was covered with a layer of water. After that the phone’s microphone didn’t work anymore. People who called me sounded like they were at the bottom of the ocean. It took me a while to figure out I was the problem, or rather my phone. Funny how my first impulse was to think it was not my phone that was defective but the phone of the other.

I decided to go to the fancy electronics shop in the center of the city, at the Safi Landmark hotel, a place that has been targeted by insurgents more than once. I received a warning that the local police and army are still looking for insurgent elements planning to do something bad just off the center, near the old Dutch embassy and the hotel where many of my friends stay. So far they have come up empty but the area is blocked and heavily guarded. What/who could be the target we wonder?

Security gave me permission to go buy my new phone as the store would be at least 10 blocks away from where things are a little tight at the moment but when I was ready to go the driver and guard told me we would go shopping in the area I live rather than having to deal with heavy traffic and the astronomical prices that downtown commands. Security didn’t faze them, life does go on after all.

They took me to a small cell phone shop not far from my home. I had not done my homework about all the different models available and had myself advised by my driver who kept pointing at this and then that fancy phone that could hardly be called a phone, rather a handheld computer, for several hundred dollars. Here people pay lots of money for a nice phone, it is a status symbol. I really only wanted my old Samsung Trace phone but the model is no longer available.

I finally settled on a touch screen Samsung with room for two simcards, solving finally the problem of needing two phones for my two simcards, one pre-paid and the other post paid. After verifying that the phone came from Korea rather than China I bought it and have been playing with my new gadget that is much more than a phone and, frankly, much more than I need.

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