I am ready for the packers to come in and empty this house. They won’t come for another 6 days but I couldn’t contain myself any longer. I knew that from my short consulting trips – when I can’t stop myself from packing my suitcase – it is time to go home.

This is one of the good things of being alone – there is no one to stop me. I feel thoroughly pleased with my accomplishment of today. The rest of Kabul was feasting and celebrating the end of Ramazan, but I was feasting in anticipation of my reunion with my family.

Colleagues called me and sms-ed me to wish me Eid Mubarak. It is as hard for them to imagine me alone at home as it would be for me to think of someone home alone on Christmas. But I was having a good time scratching things of my to-do list.

Everyone was on high alert this morning, especially the US embassy. We were told to stay put until 11 AM by our security staff – there is much chatter in town about something nasty being planned. When I woke up several helicopters flew very low overhead. Routine sorties don’t usually take place this early in the morning and as a result I was wondering whether something bad had happened in another part of town. But if it had I wouldn’t know it as it did not compete with Syria, Libya and Irene for a spot on the BBC, Aljazeera or Euro news.

Axel told me on Skype that Tessa and Steve are moving into their new place and that she leased a car. We have finally arrived! No more haggling about who gets to have the car, no more deep sighs and pulling at my heart strings when the bank account is low, and, best of all, we have our house back. Now the nest is truly empty and we are done with our task of rearing children and transforming them into responsible citizens – it was not easy but we are very pleased with the result.

Apropos of teenage years, I wrote teaching notes for the girls and teachers at SOLA if ever they watch The Breakfast Club and Disney’s High School Musical. I am sorry I won’t be able to have that conversation with them before I leave. Maybe when I come back on future trips I can insert some classes. It would certainly be an interesting conversation to have.

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