Wedding bells

A Brazilian wedding, a church service in Our Lady of the Victories, strapless gowns in all sorts of shapes and sizes, men and women, dancing together and the bride and the groom kissing long and hard whenever we tapped our forks and knives on our wineglasses. I am very far from Afghanistan and especially its weddings.

The Brazilian wedding was of our son in law’s brother who married a Brazilian lady. We are now part of that extended family though we never met most of the Brazilian cousins, aunts and uncles because they didn’t get a visa – a familiar story.

Today was my last day on the project. As of tomorrow I switch to another boss and another status, billable it is called which means I have to find assignments to keep myself gainfully employed. For this reason I will go for a visit next week to show my face and nose around for something to do but not too much as I am still in vacation mode.

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