On our own

Everything was unpacked today. The only things that did not emerge were my 20 colorful kites. I suspect they were at the bottom of one of the wooden packing crates and, because of their lightness and thinness, overlooked by the moving guys. It is such a shame as kites don’t transport that well any other way but at least I have the pictures to admire.

Most of our stuff has been slotted into existing spaces and our house has now a bit of an Afghan feel to it, replacing the pronounced African feel it had before. All the African stuff is packed up and ready to go to people who are into African things.

Axel has been busy re-installing himself in his winter (which means inside) office so we don’t have to heat the barn all the time. This is turning out to be a very time consuming task.
We realized that this is the first time since July 21st 2007 that we are living all by ourselves in our house again – so this is really a move back into our own.

I have booked my ticket to Holland at the end of November. I will be visiting my brother for a few days before picking up Axel and friends whose departure dates are still under discussion – before we all head out to the island in the north where I will enter my next decade.

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