Wins for everyone

I have three widgets on my desktop. Only one is still really relevant: the one that tells me how many days until we will celebrate my 60th birthday on an island on the far north-eastern tip of Holland. The other two I keep out of a sense of nostalgia: what the exchange rate is for Indian Rupees and what day it is today on the solar calendar (which uses the signs of the zodiac). Today it is the 9th day of mizan (‘scales’ or libra) in Afghanistan, while here we have arrived at the last day of September.

As it was the last day of the US government’s fiscal year it was now or never for some awards we have been waiting for. Some 11 months after we put in our bid MSH was notified today that the Sustainability, Leadership, Management and Governance project, the 6th incarnation of the project I started my MSH career with, was ours.

This is good news for many people at MSH whose job was tied to winning this project. As for me, I am not sure how this will affect me. I am not listed as permanent staff on this proposal and I am not entirely sure what the work will be. But at least I won’t looking for work in an environment that doesn’t have enough to go around for everyone currently on the payroll.

Sita pointed me to – a localized website that tries to reduce what we put in landfills by providing a (virtual) marketplace for giving and taking without money changing hands. It’s a brilliant idea that I am discovering much too late. I joined just in time to advertise the availability of enormous amounts of packing paper, bubblewrap and Afghan moving boxes – wares that were immediately picked up by three different families who needed exactly that. What a concept!

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