Everything and everybody was converging in on us over the last few days: visitors from far away (Afghanistan and Holland), the Head of the Charles with a Dutch team to cheer on, preparations for the trip to DC and Japan which now all have to happen in between all the other stuff. I could so have used all these activities two weeks ago when I was twiddling my thumbs. Multi-tasking, although apparently not the good thing it used to be now comes in handy.

In the morning we picked up my colleague from Afghanistan and walked most of the race course of the Head of the Charles, from MSH where we parked out car, all the way to the finish, chatting about Afghanistan, America and everything in between. We didn’t meet up, as we had planned, with our Dutch friends as the wives were following their men in their Masters 50+ eight on bikes – there was no way we could keep up with their pace (boat or bike).

We did learn later that they came in 31st in their class and were not happy with their performance. When we saw them going underneath the Western Ave bridge they looked pretty good – but that was only 1 mile into the race.

Having lost contacts with our friends because of exhausted cell phone batteries we returned home and were just on our way when Tessa called that she was on her way into town to deposit a slightly invalid Steve at work. While he tried to work (and on Tessa’s insistence negotiated with his boss to return home) we took Tessa out for lunch. We had to step over a dead rat into the restaurant – it would give one pause but we were too hungry. The meal was fine.

On our way home I bought a new cell phone that is wifi enabled and thus works at home where T-Mobile’s signals don’t reach us. Now I don’t have to keep the landline tied up during long distance work related calls. A phone with internet is of course also a new toy which makes me want to sit in waiting rooms for long times so I can figure out how to use it.

When we finally came home the day was nearly over and the light was already fading when Ted from SOLA showed up. There was just enough light to show him around our estate and have him marvel at the cove and the ocean. Driven inside by the cold Axel lit a fire, and cooked our meal over it, consisting of foodstuffs that he cannot have in Kabul. We caught up on news of SOLA students here and there and finally said our goodbyes. Ted is soon returning to Kabul.

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