Good laughs

All through Sunday morning we were trying to hold projects at bay and enjoy ourselves. This is turning out to be very hard to do when we are at home. And so we went to visit our friend Chuck in Newburyport who had his knee replaced.

On the way up there Axel asked me to read some of my old poems – they surprised me and brought back memories of the places where I wrote them – many at airports or in planes. I haven’t written any poems for a long time.

Seeing Chuck in his hospital bed with ice and pillows and strong pain pills brought back many memories, some not very good. After other friends had come over to look after him we went to see a series of skits performed by the City Comedy Club at the Firehouse. It was an afternoon of good laughs with no room to think about projects. Coming out of the theatre we both thought probably the same thoughts, we ought to do more of this!

We declined to join our company to watch ‘The Game.’ When people use capital letters when they refer to a game you are supposed to know which sport, which game and which teams. I don’t know any of this so declining the invitation kept me from making any faux pas in the midst of sport fans. Axel wasn’t too interested either. It is hard and awkward to re-acquaint with people you haven’t seen for a while who may ask you questions about Afghanistan in between cheering for good passes or jeering at mistakes of the players on a large TV screen.

But we mainly excused ourselves because we had planned a cooking adventure with the loot from our last visit to the local farm stand. It is empty now – a sad sight. We left the stand with armfuls of root vegetables, winters squash, apples and mushrooms. Some of this we transformed into a delicious roasted chicken and mushroom risotto with a good dose of parmesan cheese. We ate it in front of the TV watching Jeeves rather than sports, until our eyes closed all by themselves.

Sita and Jim are two of several million people without electricity. It will take days to get it back. Their electric box was jerked off the house by a large tree limb that succumbed under the pressure of a foot of heavy wet snow. They are only able to communicate with us after they re-charge their cellphone batteries by driving around. Jim had to go hunt for a powered internet café to put in a regular workday. We are grateful that it is only electricity that is missing.

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