I recently listened to a show about the “Alzheimer tsunami” that public health specialist claim will hit the babyboom bubble in the coming years. Now, every time I forget or misplace something I remind our girls that this may be the beginning and they better start saving so they can take care of us.

We got up very early this morning to show up at Tessa’s at 7 AM for breakfast, a fast break before heading out to western Massachusetts where we had turkey duty. The size of the turkey required that we show up long before noon so that our Thanksgiving dinner would be served before midnight. A 16 pound turkey requires much cooking time.

Although we had made lists of what to bring, and I followed the list carefully in the morning when we were packing up, I didn’t follow it carefully enough. We also realized later that we had forgotten to put things on the list. Throughout the 3 hour drive west we kept discovering things we had forgotten, including the turkey baking pan and the white wine. Critical parts of our dinner.

Frantic calls around got a baking pan delivered by a friend and another brought a whole box of wine, a careful selection that included our missing whites. It helps when one of the dinner guests works in a wine store.

In the end everything worked out and we had a most spectacular thanksgiving dinner. We remembered the things we are thankful for but also the things we are not thankful for (mosquitoes, dead leaves, bad people, car trouble). Axel did his usual toast but forgot to read from the Tasha Tudor book of graces a relic from his childhood that he brought along. Still everything was full of grace, our hosts, the table setting, the food and even the cats.

Except me because I ate too much pie and whipped cream. Axel kindly took me out for a walk around the house in the dark to help with the digestion. Watching the stars in the crispy winter night sky was a good distraction.

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