Company, art & good food

All day we walked, along the wide and endless beach of Schiermonnikoog. We could see seals play in the breakers just off shore. The wind was in our back blowing us fast and far for a very long and slow return. Just at the right time a small dune restaurant appeared which had hot chocolate with whipped cream ready plus countless other goodies for tired beach walkers.

Inside we found another part of our family clan, already ‘on the coffee’ as we say in Dutch. The Dutch love their coffee (and apple pie and, again, whipped cream). The only reason the Dutch aren’t all overweight is because of the bikes. That was another activity we could have done. But by the time we returned from our very long and windy back (against the wind back) we were too pooped for a bike ride. I fear that all the calories we did consume will be showing.

For our evening meal the hotel had given us a separate room far removed from the regular dining hall. I am not sure if we asked for it but we had been so noisy that some of the other guests may have complained.

After singing every birthday song known to mankind in two languages we had a most delicious meal. There were speeches in Dutch and in English from ‘the warm side’ (the direct descendants of my father and mother) and the ‘cold side’ (those who married into the family) and a side that has no name (those who are friends of the family). After the last dishes were served Saint Nicholas showed up and brought me presents, quite an honor as usually I always had to go to Saint Nicholas to get them.

At midnight there was another birthday and we sung again but by then many had gone to bed, especially those belonging to the older generation (that is us now) and some of the people who had been walking for 5 hours.

Most of the clan took the first of three possible ferries back to the mainland, one in the morning and two in the afternoon. From the Manchester clan only Tessa and Steve stayed in a suddenly very quiet hotel.

We parted from Sita and Jim who headed back to Amsterdam with their cousin who is graciously lending his apartment to them as he move sin with his girlfriend. Tessa and Steve are by now also in Amsterdam with another cousin on the other side of the city.

After our goodbyes we left for the east of Holland to my brother’s place, stopping along the way in a tiny museum, beautifully crafted in the lowland landscape, full of art from Friesland’s best modern and contemporary visual artists. The museum (Belvedere in Heerenveen) is situated on a large estate that is open to the walking and biking public.

We arrived in the dark at my brother’s house and were treated to a French dinner consisting of tartiflette (potatoes, reblochon cheese and bacon), a salad and tarte tatin (apple pie) for desert.

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