Sad and glad

All of Holland is a memory again, rather than real time experience. We have been back for more than 24 hours and it is as if we never left. We did not take any cheese or licorice back, intentionally, to indicate that the vacation is over and that the pounds gained so easily need to come off again.

Part of me was happy to come home and end suitcase living ‘with a limited palette.’ Part of me was sad to leave Holland behind, wanting to stay there. I did not want to come back to more job uncertainty, not knowing how to bill my 8 hours in the office and the stress of making commitments and then the dates change. I love it when clients say, ”these dates are firm, go buy the ticket.”

We found a large rubbish container in our driveway. The contractor who is going to clean up our moldy basement put it there. We can’t wait. Within an hour of arriving home Axel started to have upper respiratory problems. The effect of the mold on his lungs is painfully obvious.

Our neighbors started to throw out things that should have been thrown out years ago – all moldy now. I haven’t gone down yet but according to Axel their part of the basement is now empty. Now it is our turn, starting with moldy board games. I am not too attached to them but the kids are; Sita wants her Pony Jumps and Tessa the Arab-Israeli wars, for a friend. We never played it, too complicated, just like the real thing.

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