Try to get your head around this: LAX is 17 hours behind Tokyo if you look towards the east. If you look to the west it is one day minus plus 7 hours and, more importantly for us right now, a 13 or so hour flight west. All this after being on the road since 10 AM this morning, EST.

We are already exhausted and not even halfway there. We sorted out last minute panic that had bumped me forward and Axel to the back or even off the plane. Some computer routine (no human intervention said the Delta lady apologetically). I had to give up any and all upgrades (only on the Boston-Atlanta and Detroit Boston legs) to have my hubby on the same plane, or better, sit next to him. “You owe me big time,” I told him. “I already do and have done so for a long time!” he replied.

And so we are hopping from one Delta lounge to another. The food is standard: cured olives, crackers, chocolate cookies with a few local specialities thrown in for good measure.
And now it is boarding time for the long stretch ahead.

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