Rest time

It is weekend now and the slot machines are running at full tilt. One of the machines is like a telephone booth with glass on all four sides. A man stands inside while a powerful blower whirls 200 Rand notes around him. He has to try to grab as many as he can. It sounds easier than it is. He has to stuff the caught notes in a slot on the front of the booth, the stuffing takes some effort and makes for lost time. He doesn’t get as many notes as I thought he would. And then the blower stops and he has to get out. I assume he had to pay for the privilege of money blown at him. Weird.

The casino will be open till 5 AM tomorrow (Sunday) morning, nonstop. Luckily my room is far removed from that excitement; it is quiet on the fourth floor.

Buffet dinner was half price tonight, I am not sure why, but it was clear Maseru knew about this as there was a long line of people wanting to get in.

I went back to the hotel early; my colleagues were busy running other parts of the program and there was no point in staying in the office. Here too Friday is quiet day. We received the self-assessment from the chief and I have started to comb my files for specific materials, while waiting for cross validation from people on her team.

Workshops in the districts are being organized, not an easy thing here. This means some travel and another 12 days in Lesotho to accommodate all this.

Weekend is not entirely restful as it is the time to pay attention to other stuff I promised to complete by this weekend. But tomorrow at 9 AM I will present myself at the spa for a full body massage.

For dinner I ordered a Greek salad, guess my surprise when I got this:

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