Superstitious two

I did another superstitious thing today, like leaving all my work stuff at work. I have been packing everything up and schlepping it home every day just in case we had to rush off to Easthampton, so I am taunting fate, again; to no avail so far.

Every evening we are checking in with Sita and every night she answers the phone from home. Her blood pressure is still high and that is some reason for concern – more so to us than it appears to the midwives, although various tests are ordered, alongside with bed rest and extra protein.

We returned from a dinner with Tessa and Steve on the deck of Gloucester’s brew pub. The place is right on the harbor. We enjoyed great beer, mediocre food for me (the others were happy: fish tacos, pulled pork and fish & chips), some great desserts and the last sun rays of a day that started wet and ended warm.

After weeks of eating mostly vegetables and fruits the pub food didn’t sit so well with me, despite the fact that it was billed as a seafood salad (it was more of a seafood antipasta). The food stood in some contrast to a very elegant meal (with its half portions) we had yesterday to celebrate KB’s 61st birthday at the Duckworth Bistro (also in Gloucester) together with some friends.

This week is full of restaurant fare, two lunches and two dinners so far, all in great company. The freshly picked micro greens and asparagus are waiting for a dinner at home; that should be tomorrow.

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