Future in sight

We have seen the future….it sounds like the start of a commencement speech but it was actually the ultrasound to check on baby Bliss. He looked straight into the camera with one eye, rubbing the other with his tiny hand. Was that a wink? Is he teasing us?

Sita certainly is ready to hold her baby on the outside. The continued high blood pressure was enough concern to get the ultrasound done. But the little fellow is fine, floating in enough fluids, weighing 8 pounds and something. He looked ready to my untrained eye. We are all ready to meet him and, I was told, his new home is no thoroughly cleaned by a team of professionals so he can move in.

Now, when we are invited, we always have to accept using the ‘tentative’ option, as one would in Outlook. But then I have to remind myself that there is usually plenty of time between the start of the first contractions and the actual birth.

Axel has bought the pink geraniums for the Magnuson graves. It is part of our Memorial Day tradition to plant them at the grave and then pour some vodka to the memory of his ancestors.

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