Nursing A and B

I skipped three days of writing – a sign of too much. I was halved. Part of me wanted to be in Easthampton, helping Sita and Jim adjust to their new life, stitches, hematoma, feeding troubles and all; part of me needed to be with my hubby, sleepy, drugged and partially immobilized – one was nursing B (for baby) and the other nursing A (for Axel). Of course I did nursing A. Others were available to help with nursing B.

Friday was a hard day for Axel, especially when the regional block began to wear off and the newness (and discomfort) of having your best arm immobilized began to hit him. He is still sleeping in CP’s recliner and I continue to sleep on the couch next to him. I actually like this sleeping downstairs, it feels rather camp-like – if we wanted we could sing Kumbaya in front of the fireplace and then pull a blanket over our heads.

In a moment of denial I had paid for 4 high priced tickets to Cirque de Soleil for a performance the day after Axel’s surgery– the price of the ticket paying for a food project that is near to my heart. Axel was in no shape to go with Steve, Tessa and me. I invited Pia to come along and join us, which she did. It was a fabulous show, reminding Tessa and me of the Chinese acrobatics show we had seen in Bejing many years ago. The only downside of the whole event were the most uncomfortable seats.

Saturday was better for patient Axel and Sunday even better but Monday proved a bit of a set back with nausea and a bit of depression. He slept most of today while I resumed my regular work, one room removed, at my stand up desk. Later, after reading the patient information that went with the nausea medication, we realized that it was rather potent and explained the sleeping. We are having way too much pharmaceutical potency in our house. I understand the necessity of painkillers but I don’t like these substances one little bit – I remember the horrendous withdrawal from Oxycontin five years ago

Tessa went to Easthampton on Sunday leaving the dogs with grandma. We had a visiting dog and a strong and healthy arm/shoulder to throw the sticks to Chicha who was otherwise rather displeased with her boring grandparents.

We skyped with Easthampton, peeking into the bedroom of Sita and Jim, seeing auntie Tessa at work with an eye dropper putting tiny food supplements into Farro’s tiny mouth and Sita with breast pumps and all. We miss them but Skyping helps and so did Tessa.

I skipped my shoulder doctor’s appointment after learning from the physical therapist yet another twist on the status of my rotator cuff. The irreparable tendon was not the infra spinatus but the supra spinatus, the one that stabilizes the rotator cuff, among other things. Finally the pains and problems with my right arm are explained, and also the bleak future. Not a full recovery after all. I have to teach other muscles to take over from the damaged one, starting with the exercises I had to do after my rotator cuff operation three years ago– I guess Axel and I will be PT-ing in tandem soon.

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