Rain and shine

Our kitchen was built, as part of a whole house remodeling/repair, nearly 20 years ago. And so we are learning about the life span of things as once by one pieces of our kitchen are falling apart. It is now the turn of the refrigerator which appears to be in its death throes. A loud rattling sound resonates throughout the house as the poor thing is trying to keep its cool.

And so Axel and I went on a refrigerator hunt, first on the internet and then by car. It was not a great way to spend a precious vacation day but it was urgent enough, what with summer coming and refrigerators not something you have wrapped up at the checkout counter and put on your car roof. We heard about a 10 day delivery wait and keep our fingers crossed.

With the rains we have not had to water our garden and window boxes much but it has been disappointing to our visitors who are anxious to be in and around the cove like we did on Sunday. Yesterday’s dreary morning weather indicated a trip to the nail salon where my sister and I had our toes painted and our feet massaged. For the planned cocktail party (“meet the sister and brother-in-law”) the weather changed after an entire day of rain. We enjoyed a glorious evening outside, drinking GTs until the mosquitoes chased us in.

Axel is still sleeping in the recliner downstairs. I have moved off the couch and have swapped my single-occupied king size bed for the full-sized one in the guestroom with our visitors who needed a bit more space. Axel is hesitant to try flat-sleeping again after two failed attempts last week.

Every day we are hearing stories from people who, either themselves or someone they knew, had a rotator cuff operation. Some reports are decidedly discouraging (two months sleeping in a recliner has been the most terrifying of them all). And so I have settled into the room that first belonged to Axel (in his youth), then Sita and then Tessa (in their youth). It is small and cozy, and best of all, it looks out on the cove.

It has had Barbie dolls hanging by their necks from the ceiling, a witchcraft shrine, and purple walls (1993). Now it is painted in a subdued olive color with cream trim. The paint streaks on the hardwood floor are a reminder of Tessa’s artistic expressions. It’s a room full of creative and happy free spirits.

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