Grand finale

A full week of vacation, with nary a look into my Outlook in box – this is unchartered territory. I loved it. Although the week was full of rain and overcast skies, vacation it remained and included some spectacular meals, good company and a little too much wine.

Wednesday evening our house guest cooked a Bolognese dinner that required some extra mouths. They arrived as if summoned. Our new neighbors showed up with a box full of chocolates right after dinner and shared with us their plans for the house. To our great relief they are not tearing it down although the renovations and additions will probably produce some construction noise during this summer. The only summers without construction noise were the ones we missed.

Thursday we cruised the Essex River and landed on a sand bank for a light lunch followed by a swim until the sand bank disappeared. In the evening we had cocktails at Tessa’s tiny deck, followed by a Rudder dinner in Gloucester where Steve joined us.

Friday was for forgotten vacation projects, a last chance. I removed the runner that Rita (from Rwanda) and I braided many years ago, removed the dog hairs on the back and stitched back together the loose strands. We had one pair of Sita’s in laws over for cocktails and sat outside until the mosquitoes took over the place. We had our first corn of the year, not quite local, and more scallops and shrimps, a summer meal that I can repeat over and over again.

And now it is Saturday and we are going to see our grandchild again, after two weeks. That will be the grand finale of my vacation week.

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