Sand in the house and more

We are experiencing the chaos and messiness of a summer with friends, our own, Tessa’s and Sita’s. There is much sand in the house. There are empty and half finished beer bottles everywhere and all the towels are trying to dry in the great humidity of the season. It requires some lowering of standards but it is worth it to me. I often think about last year when Axel lived this life here while I was counting days in Kabul. It’s good to be home.

Axel still sleeps in the recliner, after several failed attempts to return to his own bed at night. Last night I kept him company on the couch, after having ceded our bedroom to Faro and his parents – I do anything to have them stay another day. The guestroom is occupied by Axel’s Beirut housemate, Peter, who is here for a two day visit from England.

I went back to work this week, sort of. Monday was Tessa’s birthday with an impromptu pre-birthday party (the big one is this Saturday) and Axel and me paying attention to car matters. I still drive Axel around although he is itching to climb behind the wheel now. This dependency thing is not so great after a while.

The fourth, a midweek holiday, we spent mostly with Sita and Faro. Sita and Jim dropped one ‘r’ from his name so he is no longer named after a grain.  Faro is Portuguese for beacon I gather, or headlight (phares in French).  People ask about the spelling. He is not a Pharaoh.

I missed the 4th of July town parade because I was having quality time with Faro – an easy choice. We partook in the annual lunch at a friend’s house and then joined Sita, Faro and Jim are his other grandparents’ house for more baby-holding, cooing and feeding.

Faro now eats, or rather drinks like a wolf and is visibly gaining weight, his ribs no longer ending in a hollow lower belly and not protruding as much as they did a week ago. He is still nursing but it seems that the formula is his predominant source of food now.  This means we can all pitch in with the feeding and give Sita some well-deserved rest. He received a Grateful Dead teeshirt with Peace, Love and Lobstah icons on the belly. If he keeps up the drinking he may wear this before the winter.

Last night Faro went to his first rock concert – a band at Castle Hill played Rolling Stonesque music while we kept the mosquitoes and ear wicks at bay. I imagine that next year he would find the concert more interesting. We watched one and two-year olds frolicking on picnic blankets and having a good time. Faro declined the sandwiches–sur-l’herbe and was happy with milk, from whatever source. After that he looked around him with big eyes, everything is new and full of wonder. Did he hear the music? I wondered.

We have decided to accompany Sita on her first work outing, to Bellagio (Italy) no less. I am busy negotiating with Italians about renting a place to stay in early September. More and more people want to come along – not surprising once you start looking at the pictures of Lake Como and surroundings.

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