Double happiness and double chins


Axel turned 66 on Monday. I decorated his chair with fresh flowers – a benefit to those with summer birthdays – and displayed the usual array of small tchotchkes around his plate to wish him a happy birthday and, collectively, offer the gift of a new and improved Nano (the previous was left on a flight to or from Tokyo) and a book about the fishing trade and Gloucester (The Last Fish Tale by Mark Kurlansky).

But the best birthday gift walked in just as I was about to make the 15 feet commute to my home office at about 8:30 AM – Faro, his mom and dad. Going to work became a little more challenging! We had them with us for the next 36 hours.  I swear I saw Faro grow during that time: a little plumper, a little longer and with a little more hair (definitely red).

Later Tessa came over as well and eventually Steve and a few friends joined in the birthday celebration. Tessa made a spectacular G&T cake; she knows Axel’s favorite summer drink is a G&T.

On Tuesday, getting up early to get to work, I reluctantly said goodbye to Sita, Jim and babe, all wide awake so early in the morning. On my way home I phoned home and to my delight learned they were still there – double happiness!

Faro has been drinking himself into a deep sleep which was fine with me. I joined in and together we took a little snooze as Faro curled up on my chest. Axel snapped a picture of our little pre-prandial nap.  I look like an ‘oma’ with a double chin. I know my siblings will be chuckling and I can predict exactly what they will say when seeing the picture. After all, our ‘oma’ had about 7 chins, soft, fleshy lobes dangling below her real (and first) chin. When I grew up she had just about one chin for each couple of grandchildren. I am just a beginner.

1 Response to “Double happiness and double chins”

  1. 1 Kathleen August 12, 2012 at 4:49 am

    This is sooooooo beautiful — I love it ❤ Happy Birthday to Axel and much love from one Oma to another Oma and Opa 🙂

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