Slack time

Aside from running errands for Sita, Jim and Faro, and preparing banana ice cream (cut up three bananas in small pieces, freeze, puree in blender or similar device – voila) I have been using this unexpected slack time to catch up on reading and surf the net. It produced a major jolt in my brain, creating new connections, laying new neural tracks and starting a bunch of conversations that are about possibilities rather than results. It confirmed my belief that slack time is critical to creativity and connectivity.

In the process I learned about tons of interesting conversations that are happening in universes that are parallel to mine/ours. So today I was a connector.

Faro has been sleeping right in front of me for the last few hours while Jim is working on a couch in the next room and Sita is preparing for her vacation/work trip that includes the wedding of her brother in law on Saturday. This is all very taxing for someone who is on pain medication and had abdominal surgery yesterday.

We calculated the amount of soy formula Faro will need while in Italy as we are not counting on that being available in the local Bellagio supermarket – we think it will cater to a different population than soy-drenched Northampton. To be on the safe side Axel and I will pack two enormous containers in our baggage.

While Sita was buying her biennial supply of markers, a multi-hundred dollar expense, I bought the floor model of a kid-sized whiteboard/blackboard easel that was on sale – a clear oma-impulse. The sales lady and I disassembled it in the store and I re-assembled it in Faro’s bedroom.  He had his first marker experience and seemed to like it. Afterwards he had a little practice on the piano – music and visual arts should be embedded in his genes but we know that practice is part of the deal.

I have been singing Dutch children’s songs with him. He particularly likes the song about Kortjakje (meaning short jacket) who is sick throughout the week but not on Sundays when she goes to church with her bible with its silver fittings. Or the sheep with its white feet, a lullaby that does indeed make his eyes a bit droopy. Sita remembers those songs but only the sound so she asked me to record them. Together we have been singing row-row-your-boat whenever he starts to get cranky. The words ‘merrily merrily merrily’ immediate bring a smile to his face. I knew music was in his genes.

Exhausted from all this hard of practicing his scribing skills, piano and listening (when he is not drinking) he slept the rest of the day – dreaming of great things to come.

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