From Wednesday till this morning, Sunday, we have been on a roller coaster ride – Sita in the front seat. We have been considering plan A (we are all leaving for Italy today) and plan B (Sylvia and Axel going alone), with Sita calling off the entire trip because of her slow recovery from her surgery ordeal.

On Thursday I had a conversation with a colleague who is working on a course on decision making. I have been thinking a lot about that. I know that some people like decision matrices where you put various options, like plan A and B, in a matrix, attach values and add things up. The highest number wins.

But in this case such a matrix is not very helpful because everything has values attached but these values change day by day, and simply adding things up removes the entire emotional element from the equation – and there is lots of that.

Someone pointed me to a Wikipedia pages about decision making biases [] – I read through them and realized that many are in play as we struggled with what to do. The most we could do was postpone, and see what would happen. But today the moment of truth has arrived.  We are going, all of us.

Yesterday we drove to Rockland Maine and back for the wedding of Jim’s brother – he was his best man two years ago when Sita and Jim got married, and now it was the other way around.  Driving with the Labor Day weekend exodus from Boston to far up in Maine was another ordeal for Sita but we also realized it would be a bit of a test case for whether she could be in a plane seat for even longer.  She has decided she could – and hopefully, with the helping hands of her sister and husband around, she can find sleep in small spaces.

The wedding was on the lawn of the Samoset resort, looking out over one of Maine’s beautiful bays, on a 10+ day. It was a short and sweet ceremony with much language about ‘through thick and thin.’ I thought about Sita and Jim, this has become all too real for them – the ups and downs of starting a family. But then, everytime I see Faro, the ups steps forward and the downs fade into the background.

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