Greens, reds, yellows and orange

The trip from Milan to Holland was a breeze, much easier than getting from our Bellagio apartment to Milan. Our short stopover in Aalsmeer was indeed short but sweet. Sietske waited for us at her usual place outside the departure hall and took us home.

She cooked us an incredible Italianesque meal that we consumed in front of the TV because of the Holland-Hungary soccer match that her husband, the Dutch national team’s physician, could not miss (of course). I think it was the first time in my life that I watched all 90 minutes of a game. The Dutch won, which made it more fun, while we enjoyed our exquisite meal, at par with the best we had in Italy.

The next day we completed the final leg of the trip, Amsterdam to Boston. It was smooth and felt fast, despite its 8 hours duration. I got more of the embroidery done for Faro, which should be completed by the time he is 70 cm tall as it is a Jip and Janneke height measuring device that starts at 70. I watched the Hemingway-Gellhorn film which is essentially a film about testosterone and how one lone woman manages to live with the hormone. Fascinating. Axel and I both watched Jane Eyre which made me realize that current Afghanistan and Jane’s England were not that different when it comes to women.

Tessa and Steve picked us up at Logan and brought us back to a house with suitcases and baby stuff strewn all over – masking Steve’s efforts to present a clean house upon our arrival. I didn’t mind, it was nice to be all back together. I got to hold the baby again and again and again while Sita and Jim caught up on work that needed to be done after their trip that had taken about 20 hours (including a missed connection).

It was a beautiful fall day, not that different from the Bellagio climate. I spent some time in the garden digging up about 10 pounds of potatoes (the last) and harvesting a bounty of chard, leeks, eggplant, tomatoes and beans. We ate very few vegetables in Italy, other than the occasional side salad and I had a craving for unprocessed greens, reds and yellows.

Axel had prepared all of us Aperol Spritzes invoking our wonderful vacation once more. Jim’s father came over to see how much his grandson had grown in the 10 days he had not seen him. At about 7:30 PM it was bedtime for me as it was after all a school night. In two more days I am back at Logan for the next trip.

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