Back on the grid

I returned back on the grid, making posting on WordPress a little easier, though it was good to find out that I could do it from my smartphone, albeit a little cumbersome. Some two hundred work-related messages awaited me. I set to work right away on Friday night to clear them, one by one, leaving me with a sizeable to do list for the weekend.

A colleague is also staying here so I have company for breakfast and dinner, which is nice. It is the same colleague I bumped into in Kenya, 9 months ago. Her travel schedule matches mine, though for her 5 to 6 week trips are the norm. She is at the end of a long trip, I at the beginning. We are talking a lot about what we do when we don’t travel.

Some wonderful pictures of Faro awaited me from Axel’s babysitting stint last week. After our holiday in Italy it is hard to be so far apart now. Included in the picture attachments was the new refrigerator which we attempted to buy in June and then again in August. It finally arrived and we are now the proud possessors of our very first stainless steel appliance. I have to get used to the new look of our kitchen, though it is nice that the death-rattling old fridge has been carted off, leaving us in peace once more.

Yesterday I spent the entire day sitting in front of my computer, except for meals – an unhealthy affair. Still I was able to read things that had been sitting in my reading folder. Such readings make me feel expansive, full of new ideas, but then the tasks crowd them all out again.

I completed the next set of lectures and the accompanying quiz in my coursera Model Thinking course. I failed utterly in my first attempt, trying to solve all sorts of advanced statistical problems that remained, in spite of the explanations, entirely mysterious. The sensation of trying to solve these problems was akin to trying to use my withered supraspinatus muscle – there is nothing there to execute a move. If ever there were special statistical neural connections in my brain, they have withered too. Luckily one gets 5 attempts at the quiz and my second try took me out of the red.

Today I took a break from sitting at my desk on the uncomfortable hassock by walking down from my hillside hotel to the center of the city, to stock up on snacks and cup-a-soups. It was a beautiful day for a walk, a steep walk down and then up again. It was the first long walk since Italy. I had thought my ankle was in good shape again – which it is as long as I don’t walk on uneven terrain. The walk reminded me of that.

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