Casting off

I had a lovely Skype conversation with the family back home, including one of the other Oma’s and Faro in the center of course. It’s funny seeing him now wear winter clothes – a first, like so many other things for him. He has learned a few tricks since I left, like rolling over, and, I am told, is now working on sitting up without falling over.

I missed Tessa and Steve who have by now cast off on their road trip with a car full of camping gear, clothing, a brand new iPhone and of course the two not so small dogs. We will be following them on their course and hope they learn much about goat farms, farm life, running a business on the go, dog camping, living on a dime, the rest of America and each other in small quarters.

We started a workshop for leaders of local civil service organizations who receive US government grants, through my organization, to provide a variety of services to orphans, vulnerable children and their caregivers.  Most of these organizations are small and have very basic business system needs in order to mobilize resources, maintain or build their reputation for accountability, efficiency, effectiveness and transparency.

One of the participants is a Peace Corps Volunteer, who has just arrived in Lesotho. She is one of the victims of the Enron collapse which forced her to rethink her life after all her retirement monies had evaporated. She and her husband, both retired, hope to be able to settle here, after her stint with the Peace Corps is over.  Her business consulting skills will come in very handy and I hope she will become a great resource to the local organizations.

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