Pride and energy

We are treated to another visit of Sita and Faro. Early Thursday we got up what seemed to be in the middle of the night, fed and packed up the baby with all his gear, dropped him off in Beverly, where his (only) retired oma lives and then proceeded to Cambridge where Sita had a one day assignment, scribing for some company we had never heard of but which seems to be doing good work to help people stay or become healthy. All stops were conveniently on the way to work.

During the drive in Sita gave me some good ideas for a global conference I am asked to design and facilitate next spring in Southern Africa. It is the best thing a mother can wish for, to get advice from her daughter on matters related to work. I wished she could be there with me, like we were working as a pair in Afghanistan, 6 years ago.

In the morning we had our quarterly global meeting at MSH. It is a carefully orchestrated and painstakingly prepared event with voices coming in from all over the world – We have come a long way to inclusivity and it was nearly flawless: Islamabad was on the line, with Sania Nishtar, the founder of an organization called heartfile that helps the Pakistani government address the rise of chronic diseases, soon to outperform the infectious diseases. In the (US) Midwest a researcher told us about his Blue Zones work, trying to identify the secrets of longevity (no surprises there: diet, family, community, meditation and such), a colleague in Uganda showed how chronic diseases detection and treatment have been incorporated in the work MSH is usually engaged in.

I reflected on my year back at MSH which started so badly and realized I can once again be proud to belong to this organization I felt so abandoned by last fall. It was an inspiring meeting.

The rest of the day I was invited to learn about a new technology platform MSH has purchased that allows us to design courses online and track who has taken what course. It is truly a Big Brother arrangement because just about anything the learner does can be tracked, except maybe picking his or her nose.

While we were learning about how to build a course my hands were itching to design a real course. I notice a surge of energy each time I am engaged in something creative and a drip-drip loss of energy when I am not.

The new consortium we are part of with John Hopkins allows for lots of creativity, in fact it promised innovative approaches to our funder. I am busy reading up on how insights and innovations happen and am, once again, energized by that.  I am also given the opportunity to become an accredited coach. One of the companies we are considering for the training has an energy model as its basic philosophy. It looks like all energy streams are coming together.

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