Sunday was entirely claimed by Sandy, approaching the Eastern seaboard accompanied by calls from officials to be prepared. We were: dry wood stacked inside, refrigerator on extra cold, bottled water, batteries, candles and hurricane lamps ready.

The run up to the hurricane kept millions of people busy, buying, selling, organizing, checking, exhorting. We responded to these calls by removing loose items outside and battening down.

We did go out a few times to chekc out the waves and the cove, a foamy cauldron – quite spectacular.  But the trees held, we only lost our beach sand which was deposited on another part of the cove and hopefully comes back before next summer.

And then it was Monday and the office closed and I stayed most of the day in my pajamas, sitting by the fire and making it a holiday; cooking, knitting and enjoying the coziness of home with electricity while it lasted. We were prepared for it to go out but it never did. This time we lucked out. When we saw the devastation just a few hundred miles down from us we realized many had not been so lucky.

Tessa checked in from the Badlands – a name more apt for the east coast at that time.  The temperatures over there are dropping but as far as I know they are still camping – two dogs would keep you warm, especially Oona with her blanket for hair.

And now I am looking eastwards again, with my departure imminent today. This will be a short trip, less than two weeks. I hope that this time we will complete the assignment and conduct the alignment meeting without interference from strikes. But knowing Bangladesh a bit, this may be a bit too optimistic.

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