Miles and days have passed since I last wrote. The trip tripped me up, health wise, as I am struggling to keep, what feels like the flu, at bay. I haven’t been sick in 9 months and thought that I could stay ahead of colds and the like with my neti pot and mostly vegetarian eating. Not quite.

The trip back felt interminably long. The last straw was a Boston jet way that couldn’t connect to the plane in the right way, keeping us standing cheek to jowl in the aisles, everyone wanting to get out so badly. Once we were out a security door was locked leaving ground personnel flummoxed and us travelers stranded between the plane and the immigration area in the bowels of Logan airport.  After 20 hours of travel such things become major irritants.

Finally, at 2:30 PM I was home at beautiful Lobster Cove on a beautiful fall day, although I don’t recall much about it. At 5:10 PM I was sound asleep.

Monday was a holiday, and another 10+ fall day. I spent much time outside, cleaning out one of the garden beds to plant the garlic and getting the daylight to help reset my bio clock back to Manchester time. It is not quite there yet. I keep getting up at 3 AM, wide awake. This makes for an early arrival at work (before 6 AM), lunch at 10 AM and I am ready to go home at 2 PM., and back to bed at 8 PM.

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