A family that travels…

Tessa called us from Death Valley in California. It is a matter of seeing is believing, the real thing so much better than its name. They did get a flat tire which is why she had time to call us from the tire-fixing place. Otherwise they are rather busy trying to press everything they want to do on this road trip into the remaining weeks – it is down to weeks now.

Sita skyped in a little later from her New York City hotel room, with Faro on her lap. She is experiencing the travails of being a working mother while Jim handles the day-during-daytime routine. And so when she comes home from a long day scribing of deliberations about cold chains and supply chains, he hands the baby over to her, ‘here, now it is your turn.

Faro can now crawl across a bed, a room, any surface really. And with that a new phase has arrived, the phase of The Mobile Baby. He is also recognizing us on skype and trying to touch us, drooling on Sita’s precious keyboard. A handful indeed.

We just learned from facebook that Sita is sequestered, after hours, in the UNICEF building where the conference is taking place. A suspicious package led brought in NYPD, sirens, and shut down the HVAC and elevators. They are told to keep working. Jim will have to wait with his ‘here, he’s yours,’ it seems.

We are packed for Japan and I am ready to get on a plane and stop worrying about things not done. Today was one of those days – cleaning my desk and things kept falling down on it. I am glad I am travelling with my best friend.

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