Back and down

The second day of the workshop went fast. This always happens. The presentations were interesting, one was about Afghanistan and another about the solar mamas featuring a woman from Jordan and the delicate and not so delicate gender dynamics that kick in when a woman is chosen for what men traditionally may consider a man’s job.

We all gave feedback and each team took the praise and pointers in with grace.

And then we went home, arriving in rainy and warm Massachusetts, later turning to cold. We adjusted quickly to the setback of 14 hours and within a day I was back on a plane, a domestic trip which doesn’t count, to Baltimore. The one day trip turned into a two day trip with a meeting tacked on in our Washington office since I was in the neighborhood.

I went to see N, now a friend, once a student, after hours. She is now a doctoral student at Johns Hopkins. On the way to her apartment I miscalculated a step down from a high curb and made the kind of fall that usually breaks a hip in someone 10 years older.

Tomorrow will tell whether I broke something. Using my right hand is severely limited and painful; hence the short entry.

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