Transit to next

It is 2013. It was a quiet and uneventful slide into the new year. We left a party with friends in Ipswich  around 11:15 PM, after singing Auld Lang Syne and pretending that the ball had already dropped on Times Square. At midnight we were home and received and gave wishes for a happy new year to each other and our daughters, by mouth, by text and by phone.

The Christmas tree, which never got decorated, has been put outside. Tessa felt very sorry for the poor tree as it never got dressed up, the only reward for being hacked down in the prime of its life. I’m happy that we have the space in our small living room back.

I was also happy to close  the chapter of these last two weeks of December, with too many doctors’ visits, diagnostic tests and inconclusive results. According to the hand doctor I am halfway through the healing process of my hand. I have to loosen up my fingers by squeezing a sponge under hot tap water. I only have to wear my splint when I go outside when there is a risk of falling. But the orthopedic boot will stay on for a while longer. It is serving me well.

Today I talked with some of my siblings, a tradition usually undertaken at 6 PM on New Year’s Eve, patiently waiting for phone lines to clear. My mother was the first one I used to call. I remember feeling sorry for her being home alone on this night that used to have an importance I can no longer understand. Now it’s just an ordinary evening, only extraordinary because of its following day off.

People ask me what 2013 will be all about. I think it will be about my new role in the organization, the role I’m still trying to fill in, requiring several conversations with my superiors.. It is an exciting, challenging and a bit daunting opportunity. I assume it is promotion, but that has not been made explicit yet.

I finally baked the gingerbread Christmas cookies that I had hoped to have made before Christmas, when everyone was here. We were just much too busy. Tessa did help with the frosting today, a shiny white-lemony coating for which she found many other uses. And now I have all these lovely (and tasty) cookies and I don’t quite know what to do with them. I think most people are done with cookies by now.

We are having turkey-rice-vegetable soup for dinner, the last left over. And then it is early to bed because tomorrow it is back to work. Happy new year to all.

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