Passing scores

Today I received my first two Coursera certificates. I earned a 87.8% on the Model Thinking, not bad given that I hadn’t used my math and calculus for about 45 years. For the organizational analysis I received a 91.3%. I am not entirely sure how it was calculated but I clearly got rewarded for faithfully watching all the lectures and doing all the quizzes and exams. I had taken both courses quite seriously and am a bit wiser for it. My next course starts in 20 days, about the fundamentals of online education.

Work piled upon work today, requiring phone meeting after phone meeting with brief spurts of writing in between.  I clocked 9 hours and was so (pre)occupied that I was able to ignore all sorts of activities in the house. In particularly I managed to stay away from something I usually love to do, an assembly job that Steve completed for me.  He assembled the new guest bed that Axel and I bought during our once-a-year IKEA expedition (it takes us that long to recover from the experience).  We are now nearly ready for an invasion over the weekend: a first meeting of Sita’s little boy with his mother’s erstwhile baby sitter Goldie (formerly from Brooklyn, now Staten Island).

The weekend was, except for the IKEA expedition, quite relaxing with good food, friends and movies: Les Miserables which left its music score inside my head for two days and nights in a row now, and the Dictator, both with Sacha Baron Cohen playing his usual no holds barred roles.

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