We watched a 30 km race right from the veranda, sitting in rocking chairs under bright blue skies. The sun made it feel less cold than it was. We dropped our skis off at the ski center. They had not been used for more than 6 years. I walked in my xcountry ski boots as if…they were comfy and I was without pain. Maybe I will try a few hundred yards tomorrow.

We then tried the snow shoes, that too seemed to work in spite of my handicaps. Of course we are in bad shape for anything more strenuous than walking across a parking lot.

Most of the same we seem to be engaged in eating, drinking and pretending to be active baby boomers amidst lots of other really active baby boomers ( the ones that did the 30 km race) .

It is a nice break from work and chores. I could get used to this every weekend.

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