Coach on the couch

We finished part one of the coaching course on a high note with an exercise that turned everyone into a poet – quite wonderful. This group of 13 people who didn’t know each other 30 hours earlier had started to gel…we will be going through the 8 months coaching program together. I am a lot less hesitant than I was on Friday morning.

We left in a gentle snow storm, Axel hurrying home to see the game while I couldn’t care less.  Back home I fell asleep on the couch until Axel nudged me to bed.

Today I said goodbye to the hand doctor who says I don’t need him anymore, but with every doctor scratched off the list a new one comes around. There is the doctor to check out the nerves in my right foot to figure out the cause of the abnormal sensation that has been with me since the accident.  I also scheduled surgery for the left ankle (March 5).

I had my fourth acupuncture session in a row which confirmed that something happened this weekend that was visible in my body according to the acupuncturist. The way it showed up for me is that I quickly went into deep relaxation, needles and all.

One of my resolutions after the weekend was to re-start my yoga practice at home, using the DVD that kept me in shape in Afghanistan and which I haven’t touched since I got back, now a year and a half ago. With my hand healed enough for a down dog or plank, I was all set up when none of my computers would play the DVD. Hours later, downloading programs that didn’t fulfill their promises, the yoga mat, spread out in my office, sat there, unused and I was none the wiser.

One of my new mottos is, tomorrow start over again. So that is the new resolution.

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