Snowstorms and nostalgia

While Axel is cooking the salmon and the roasted vegetables I am listening to Pat Boone and other singers that connect us instantly to teenage (or earlier) memories. The fundraiser for WGBH is clearly aimed at baby boomers. Of course our memories are very different; Axel has American teenage memories while I have Dutch early teen memories that do not include boyfriends and are fitted in a context that has nothing to do with the lyrics.

Que Sera Sera instantly took me back to my childhood home and my (Irish twin) brother. I remember singing the song at the top of our lungs, without any idea what either the English or the Que Sera meant – for us both languages were foreign – but the words were easily sung, maybe even in the bathtub.  Although the memory is probably a bit distorted, it is connected to another memory, which has us clad in our ‘Sing-Sing’ shirts. We had, once again, no idea what Sing-Sing meant, just the name of these striped shirts, mine red and white and my brother’s blue and white. What did we know about prisons in America, this mystical land so very far away.

I am not up and about with my orthopedic boot. I have taken the bandages off, against my discharge instructions, but I couldn’t stand the tight wrap any longer. I ice the ankle frequently but have abandoned the crutches which are standing lonely against a wall. I picked them up at a recycling place, after having discovered that we had given our crutches away. An appeal on FreeCycle brought 10 responses. Now we can re-cycle them again.

The last few days I was racing against the time, completing assignments that have a due date before I leave, a week from now and responding to new assignments that keep showing up in my inbox.

Axel went out snow shoeing – oh how I wished I could have come along – in the pristine Audubon reserve in Topsfield. Tessa and dogs reported on beaches having practically swept away by hurricane strength winter storms, one after the other. After a 48 hour snowstorm we escaped the house last night for a dinner with Steve and Tessa – cabin fever was beginning to get at me. I had been sitting in the same place, leg up, ice machine on, for 72 hours, working like crazy.

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