Luscious green home

Before leaving Jo’burg and after my workshop obligations were met I was asked to do some coaching of an individual and a team. I take every opportunity to practice my newly developing skills, and each practice is pretty humbling.

After lunch I returned to the hotel, participated in a webinar, packed my bags and had an early dinner with a dear friend and colleague, who is the one who got me out of my funk over a year ago. He gave me a wonderful assignment that started me on a track upwards to where I am now. Our conversation was interrupted by the airport van showing up at the appointed time. It was time to go home.

The flights back from Jo’burg to Amsterdam felt endless. A fitful sleep shortened the time somewhat. In Amsterdam I had only 50 minutes to change planes, arriving on one side of the terminal and leaving from the far end, my luck. I had put on my orthopedic boot, which now has become a standard piece of hand luggage, making the hurried walk a little easier. But there was no time to buy cheese and licorice and, as I found out 8 hours later, no time to get my suitcase onto the flight to Boston either.

The 45 minute wait in Boston for a suitcase that wasn’t going to come was the last straw – after I had so quickly navigated through immigration with my fast Global Entry pass using the kiosk system. It allowed me to bypass the long lines of holiday makers, campers and expats entering the US pouring out of jumbos from Paris, Frankfurt, London and Amsterdam.

Back home I saw the transformation from spring to summer with everything lusciously green from days of rain. Axel showed me the grounds, proudly. He is after all the grounds keeper and estate manager. The garden drew me in like a magnet, needing some weeding badly. Soon I was on my knees pulling up weeds, harvesting some early potatoes, leftovers from last year, giant beets, and broccoli. This morning we will continue, starting with Swiss chard for a breakfast omelet, then more weeding and tying up the peas and the beans.

We ate our garden-fresh veggies, checked in with the girls, watched season five episode four from Madmen and then I tumbled into bed. I slept for 10 hours and wrote one children’s book and some poems in my deep sleep. But when I woke up I barely remembered my creative acts, only that the book was about a neon colored mouse and an owl.

1 Response to “Luscious green home”

  1. 1 Diane Neal Emmons July 2, 2013 at 9:13 am

    So happy you are home and so sympathize with your good humor about the bad luggage thing – and hope you can stop by on your 4th rounds
    Love, DN

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