Toddling in the heat

The festivities are ratcheting up. After Tessa’s birthday there is the Fourth of July, Faro’s first, that is, his first ‘aware’ Fourth. We stood on the steps of one of his grandparental homes which is conveniently located on the parade route. He didn’t seem to be disturbed by the noise of the trucks and musketeers shooting their ancient guns. He was entirely enthralled by the parade passing before him. I am glad he is still too young to get excited about the candy being thrown from floats.

We did our usual route of social calls – as the fourth in a small town is very much a social event – and returned home, blistered and exhausted from the 90s degree heat. We found Tessa and friends lounging by the water, the only sensible place to be on a hot day like that.

The lobster traps were hailed in with only two lobsters, one under measure who was returned to the sea and the other a cull (a one-clawed lobster). Young Graeme who did the heavy lifting was given the cull for a lobster bisque his mom was making. He lives in an ambassadorial residence in Delhi, far from the ocean. The catch made his day.

Friday was a full workday for me, while there was much toddling and visiting going on outside: friends, cousins, in-laws, aunts and uncles – being at the best possible place one could be on another 90 degree day. Halfway through the day we went to the appliance store and bought another, our third, air-conditioner. It is funny how we lived through two Hivernages in Senegal and at least 15 years in Lobster Cove using only fans. It is either getting hotter every year or our ability to withstand heat is going down. I am very thankful that we can simply go to the store and buy these things. That is what workdays are for.

Faro toddled around in a T-shirt that showed the face of (now past) President Abdou Diouf from Senegal (Fidelite et Reconnaissance). In the Senegalese summer, surely hotter than 90 degrees, of 1981, Sita had worn the same T-shirt during a trip to the Casamance. She was 9 months at the time. We tried to re-create the stance, with some degree of success: mother and son – some 30 years apart.


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