Non steady state

While the Bulger drama in court hangs out the Irish mafia’s dirty linens, and that of civil servants paid to protect us from them, and a kitchen store on route 1 promises a free bathing suit (on the way in) or a free sprinkler (on the way home) with the purchase of a kitchen, I am trying to stay sane in the face of constant schedule changes. The good thing is that the heat spell seems to have passed. We can breathe again.

The trip to Egypt is probably cancelled by now (rather than postponed as I was told before). If it was a coup US law says we have to suspend aid to Egypt – smart minds are debating whether it was a coup or not, in our steamy capital. The Pakistani embassy is holding on to my passport, for 7 weeks already. That trip, scheduled to have started last Friday, is now postponed until next month when I will surely have my passport back with the coveted visa; unless of course something happens in Pakistan that will derail those plans as well. I wouldn’t be too surprised.

With my July schedule suddenly cleared and wide open, an SOS came in from Benin to help out with a leadership program that my local colleagues are not familiar with. Axel put passport, yellow vaccination card and photos into a Fedex that was swiftly expedited to the visa service but then it was the Fourth of July and everything came to a screeching halt in DC. Even a two day emergency visa, for a stiff fee, couldn’t get me the visa by the requested departure date, which is today. I am still here and the visa not in sight yet. A ticket has been bought, by optimistic souls, for a Thursday departure.

This will get me to Cotonou at the end of the week that was supposed to be dedicated to preparation and coaching. I will slide straight into events that are planned in ways that will require a lot of ingenuity to produce the desired effect. And so, there is never a dull moment.

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