Patience and longevity

We moved to Porto Novo, a little further east, closer to Nigeria. It’s only 30 kilometers but in the pouring rain on a narrow road it took nearly one and a half hours. Everything turns to mud on a day like this. Talking about mud, as we did on Friday, in a figurative way is one thing, the real stuff is something else.

Several of the rooms in our hotel have names rather than numbers. I am in ‘longevity.’ Next to my room is ‘royalty,’ across is ‘sensuality,’ next to that is ‘satisfaction’ and at the end of the hall is ‘enthusiasm.’
The room is comfortable, climatisé, with one star less than the previous hotel, and quite a bit cheaper. I have a tiny refrigerator, the kind that college students have in their dorms. It is not stocked, as my previous refrigerator, with ‘sucreries’ (sodas) and local beer.

A stream of tiny ants has been climbing up the legs of the table that I use as my desk. They found my computer across their path (which is only to the wall at which point I assume they will go down another leg again).

Unperturbed they traversed my keyboard and climbed up the screen, then descended again on the backside of the screen. I hope none of the little fellows fell in between the keys as I imagine they can mess things up. I discouraged them from their chosen path, creating havoc in the ranks. They went elsewhere. I remembered that ants symbolize patience, which goes well with longevity I reckon. I have taken note – it is also a message I get in my coaching training.

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