This morning I was alone in the restaurant. A large flat screen TV is (always) on, mounted right across my gaze. Usually I hate eating in places that have flat screen TV mounted along the walls. On other days there have been debates with French people interrupting each other to spout their opinions in passionate debate, or Africans who probably have a French education (I saw no difference). Under those conditions it is hard to have a conversation with one’s table mates since everyone is looking at the screen.

Today there was no one to converse with and so I didn’t mind the TV. I was in for a surprise, something much better than the endless debats. I settled in for my breakfast of ‘oeufs au plat’ (cooked crisp with curled up brown edges), slices of Benin (French) bread, and prepared my cup of tea (a small bag of Lipton tea dust dipped into luke warm water, enhanced with Nido milkpowder). I could use some distraction.

First there was Rabbi Tan, who was surrounded by all sorts of symbols that I couldn’t pin to any particular religion. Seeing the name Rabbi I made some assumptions but those turned out to be wrong. Every morning, according to the waiter, Rabbi Tan reads the horoscope, hence his title of ‘horoscopiste.’ The waiter was watching attentively and told me he is a faithful listener, trying to follow Tan’s ‘conseils.’

Today’s special day was Wednesday (it is actually Thursday, so we’d have to wait a week). As for colors, toutes couleurs are OK. Special advice: don’t eat snake meat or kill spiders. The advice is of particular importance to Rams, Sagitarii and a few others I can’t remember.

Since I am a Sagitarius no snake meat for lunch today; I will have a few TUC/Laughing Cow sandwiches and finish my meal with Ivorian chocolate, extra bitter, washed away with a glass of water. Tonight’s meal will be on Air France. It’s going to be chicken or pasta I suppose, no chance of snake meat there.

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