On Tuesday I received what may well be the last of many second opinions on my left ankle, this time at the Boston Sports and Shoulder Center. It has nearly the same letters and logo as the Boston Sports Club that is housed in the same building, one side feeding the other.  This time the doctor, his PA and his intern told me there was an alternative to surgery that was better than my clunky and sweaty booda which allowed me to walk New York over the weekend. They did confirm that this would be only a temporary measure and seemed to have no hesitation to recommend ankle replacement over fusion (just when I was about to veer towards fusion).

I went straight to the place that provides the braces but wore the wrong shoes for a fitting. There were all sorts of braces, clunky, plastic, leather, lace-up, velcro-ed, high low. The one I was prescribed made me think of the South African blade runner, slick and minimal, that can be worn with regular shoes. I will go back tomorrow with the right shoes for the fitting. After that I will return to the doctor in a month to evaluate the brace as an interim measure and see whether we should move ahead with scheduling surgery.

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