Off the grid and grindstone

I have a new ankle brace that makes me think of Bladerunner. It fits in my shoe under the insole, but only in certain shoes, my sneakers. I felt a bit funny walking around the office with my stylish navy pants and then sneakers. So I got a pair of black shoes that will entirely conceal my handicap when dressed for work. It is light and a lot more airy than the orthopedic boot. It also allowed me to walk for 15 minutes with only minor discomfort, a walk I could not have made without it. I think this will postpone the surgery decision for a bit, but it will remain on the horizon I am afraid.

We had another week of 10+ weather at Lobster Cove. We are eating daily from the garden and enjoying the flowers everywhere. The blackberries are large and juicy and the sunshine cherry tomatoes are providing us with an abundance of this spectacular tomato candy. And then I harvested about 5 pounds of fingerling potatoes which will travel with us to Maine; we are bringing coals to Newcastle!

Today I completed a week full of deadlines once I put all the required documents in a dropbox and then poof, all pressure was gone and I am turning to the week ahead that brings all of us together in Maine. I am told we will be off the grid, so I am packing knitting materials, books and watercolor gear. 

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