Sometimes it feels as if I am in one of those road race machines that you find at malls – as soon as you have maneuvered past one set of difficult sections of the road, new and challenging road sections appear on the horizon. The road glides underneath the car and new horizons appear, until the quarter is used up. Such fun!

My quarter is not up for a long while, at least that is the plan. I feel good about the work done in Uganda and South Africa. I worked with two different colleagues, both insightful and very competent individuals, a pleasure to work with. We did well – developed a robust design and then implemented it as planned and produced the outcomes we had intended. While completing the writing tasks for this assignment, I am already looking ahead and designing the next event, and the next, and the next.

The first ‘next’ is a forum about urban youth and reproductive health in developing countries. It is put up by Johns Hopkins and I get to work with one of Sita’s partners. This will be a domestic trip, to Washington D.C. The next ‘next’ is Pakistan, barely three weeks from now. This trip has been postponed more times than I care to remember. When I turned on the news this morning and the earthquake in Pakistan was announced I wondered for a brief moment whether a trip to Pakistan was simply not in the stars. And there are two nexts queuing up after that: Uganda again, maybe, and then Afghanistan in the new year.

I am experiencing my last very frustrating minutes in this country trying to connect on the internet. My attempts are in vain, messing up my schedule for the third time today. Oh the things we take for granted, being ‘on’ all the time. I have much sympathy for my colleagues in various parts of Africa who deal with this every day.

On my way to the airport I will visit an old friend with whom I worked now nearly 20 years ago in what was then a newly free South Africa. We did a lot of reminiscing last week and will continue some more but this time in her new home in the hilly suburbs of Pretoria. And then it is off to Sietske in Aalsmeer and then home. 

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