Fall, moves and celebrations

I am getting up in the dark again, and most of my morning commute is in the dark again. It’s fall and getting colder in the morning and evening. I have used the remote starter already once. But during the day it is Indian Summer time – one of my favorite times of the year.

I missed the staff outing to check out our new offices, a place further north, where we will move in January. I have heard mostly complaints about the move as it is inconvenient for many of my colleagues who live in Boston or in the southern and western suburbs. But for me it means I won’t have to put up with the Tobin Bridge, its traffic jams and its tolls. Since I joined MSH in 1986, the office has been slowly moving in my direction.

Today we are celebrating Steve’s 30th birthday. He is entering a decade that is about settling down and moving into middle age – ha, he doesn’t like to think about that I am sure. I think it was Jung who declared that this is the decade that bridges the first half of life with the second; a decade of shifting priorities and developing other parts of oneself. That certainly was true for me.

Steve’s favorite food is pierogies; it is convenient that he lives in Dorchester’s polish triangle. The place is awash in sausages, pickles and pierogies. It is not quite our WeightWatcher’s fare but we’ll join in on the fun anyways.

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