Tasks and pleasures

More than a week has passed; a week that was too full for taking time out to write. I am losing my habit of writing but something has to give. I intend to make this a rare occasion.

The free sidewalk chair has been stripped from its upholstery, each and every one of the 1000s of staples removed, ironed, measured and the copied on the new fabric that we bought yesterday. A soft easy-drape red-brick material that is perfect for beginners – no patterns or lines to match up. I am putting the chair back together and only occasionally can be seen staring at a piece of fabric and muttering ‘how the heck…?”

I have been chugging away at two major tasks. One was producing the ‘good-enough-for-now’ organizational assessment tool that is part of a larger assessment a Johns Hopkins colleague and I will be using with a local reproductive health group in Pakistan next week. We will cover organizational functions (my part of the job) and health communication/behavior change communication practices. We will spend five days with our Pakistani colleagues, helping them introspect and figure out how to serve their clients better. I have been contemplating to study a bit of Urdu, imagining that I will recognize a bit from Dari and will be able to read the script.

The second big task is completing the requirements for my coaching certification, plus an additional certification for one the central tools that my coaching school uses. I had been a little discouraged by that second certification as it added about 17 more hours to the more than 200 hours I have nearly completed. But as it turns out it has been very interesting and it no longer looks like a hurdle. I think I have about another 20 hours or so to go – some of which can be taken care of during my long trip to Pakistan.

In the meantime Axel has received his sleep apnea machine. Sleep apnea has been identified as the culprit for many of his ailments. It is quite complicated to put all the pieces in the right place. For the first week it includes something that looks like a muzzle to keep his mouth closed. I couldn’t quite stand to watch it. Luckily I fall asleep easily and didn’t have to witness the whole thing. One night we met on the way to and from the bathroom and it looked as if an alien had invaded our house – the contraption, the tubing hanging from his nose – or one of those horror movies where government officials in white suits with masks on tell you that you have been invaded and everything you own is now available for ransacking.

The highlights of our time together – times when we recover from all the work and medical hooplala – is watching series together that we missed out on when it was shown on TV. We completed the five seasons of Mad Men which I found encouraging since it showed we have evolved as a species in only 50 years. Now we are watching Brideshead Revisited, the series from the 80s. It makes us happy that we did not grow up in a rich British family and, once again, it made us realize we have evolved, at least some of us.

That brings me to the US government crisis which shows, to the contrary, that in some places there has been no evolution at all.

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