Faro_PAK_oiltruckAfter landing at Logan, and completing my Pakistan trip, I have been busy. First there were Sita, Jim and Faro, surprising us wit heir presence for a night. What better homecoming than that! I got to hang out with Faro for a couple of hours, and distribute gifts: for Faro the Pakistani oil tanker truck and pointy Aladdin slippers and for Sita a block printed table cloth. I tumbled into bed around 9 PM (6 AM Pakistan time) and sunk into a deep and dreamless sleep.

No one but me understood why I got up at 4:30AM and drove to work, to hand in my reports and then meet Axel later in the day to close on a home equity loan that will help us pay for a oil-to-gas conversion that will hopefully pay for itself in the end.

Then off to an MSH event at the Institute for Contemporary Art to take advantage of the nearby American Public Health Association Annual meeting and showcase our organization. Axel and I took advantage of this event and Sita’s job in Boston to celebrate her 33rd birthday that we all missed, including Sita herself, on assignment in Edmonton. Tessa had reserved us a table in a nearby restaurant. Dinner started at 9 PM, another late night. Axel drove me home while I slept in the car and transitioned barely conscious to my bed around midnight. A late night well worth it. I have come to love those family dinners where I can be generous from my unused food allowances from the trip.

Wednesday was another blurry day with required attendances in and out of the office: meetings, phone calls and a mid afternoon pre-op education session at the doctor’s office that was utterly wasteful of my time. The long wait in a depressing waiting room full of morbidly obese men put me back on the road in a bad mood, exactly at the hight of the rush hour. By the time I came home I had logged more than three hours on the road, coming and going.

The plan had been for Axel to drive us both back to Cambridge to celebrate the presence of a former colleague from Japan who was attending the public health meeting. This time our good judgment prevailed – we sent our regrets, put on our Jammie’s and settled down in front of the TV. I drifted away before the movie was over and went to bed at a decent hour.

And now I am in DC for all day meetings which will mean another late night what with my plane landing in Boston at bedtime tonight. Tomorrow more pre-op stuff requiring another trip into Boston at rush hour to make sure I am fit for surgery. Only then, it seems, can I finally land for a restful weekend that includes a stay at our friends’ B&B in Newburyport. Hallelujah!

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