A fungus infection on my left foot is jeopardizing my ankle operation. The to-be-operated-limb has to be without any blemishes, punctures, infections and what not. The nostrils also have to be free of staph bacteria. Infection control in hospitals is a big deal. Stories about flesh eating and uncontrollable bacteria that roam around hospitals are also real and very scary. Occasionally one makes it into the news and everyone talks about it. I don’t want to hear anything about these things, not in general and especially not now.

My pre-op nostril swab proved positive but not with the resisting kind. An antibiotic cream should have killed the invader by now. The nurse told me that many people walk around with these bacteria in their noses, sometimes for years, until a hospital admittance procedure finds them and roots them out.

Several visits to three different nurse practitioners and finally the doctor himself let to an aggressive campaign to get rid of this fungus that’s been living on the bottom of my left foot for months now. I am taking antifungal pills to combat the affliction from the inside and a cream from the outside. The program seems to be working and I cross my fingers that the remaining 4 days will do the trick so I can show an unblemished left foot to the surgeon on Wednesday.

Plan B, if I get rejected for surgery, is not very appealing – requiring a postponement of surgery to deep into spring because my travel agenda is full until mid-March with trips to Afghanistan, Uganda and Malawi. Postponement will complicate my life big time. Shoo fungus shoo!

1 Response to “Invaders”

  1. 1 Diane Neal Emmons November 17, 2013 at 2:28 am

    Shoo, fungus! Go away! Leave our love alone!
    Love from
    Your Secret Admirer

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