Long tunnel, some light

I am settling into my new dependent lifestyle. I need help with just about everything as I can’t carry stuff from one place to another, nor get up and down the stairs without someone spotting me. I settle into a chair and then make my wishes known: an extra sweater, a book, my computer, a cellphone, food. Axel collects everything I need and tries to make me comfortable; a most wonderful personal attendant!

Yesterday my knee walker arrived which is giving me great freedom. I scoot around the house with great ease. The handy basket below the handlebars allows me to transport some stuff from one place to another and be just a tiny bit less dependent.

I took my last pain pill before I went to bed and hope that indeed it was the last one. Progress. I also had had my first shower this morning – the long road to normalcy has started: 12 more days with the clunky temporary cast. I will get the slimmer full cast as a special present on my birthday. I hope I get to choose a design. Then 40 more days till that one will be taken off. It seems long but the days go fast. I am hopeful.

Every morning I have to inject myself with a liquid that keeps my blood from clotting. I religiously follow the 7 AM ritual: hand washing, alcohol rub, stab myself, press and release the plunger. Axel’s cousin Erik died of a blood clot after ankle surgery some years ago; we were the same age then, early fifties. Once I have my full cast on I can switch to aspirin. I look forward to that milestone.

I took two full days off from work and left an automatic message to that effect. But still, colleagues ask me when I will answer my email again. Monday I go back to work, from my armchair.

Friends have visited, bringing books, food and puzzles. I completed the fun part of the 1500 piece puzzle and then folded the whole thing up when only black and white pieces, hundreds of them, were remaining. I am doing this for fun, no point in doing the not so fun part. Now I am free to prepare for my coaching exam in 2 weeks and pick up my rusted Dari for my upcoming trip to Afghanistan.

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