Two weeks postop

One advantage of scheduling my surgery and recovery over several holidays is that the days go too fast. I usually don’t like this but now, moving fast towards December 31 is of great interest to me. It is a bit like meals on a long flight – the distraction makes you forget about time’s passing.

And so I have come out on the other side of the Thanksgiving Holiday, not just thankful for a great, and noisy, 5 days, but also closer to December 3 when the first post-op phase ends and the second one, the full cast phase, starts. I hope that cast will be slimmer and lighter. I also hope to find out whether full sensation has returned to my left foot, something I am not entirely sure about. There has been much neural activity in my left foot but also some parts that still seem to be numb. That, I believe, is not as planned.

Tomorrow the stitches will come out and I can stop self-injecting myself and switch to aspirin to stave off blood clots. That will be a relief. My belly shows the bruises of injections not done all that well.

Tomorrow will also be the first day I am going to work, right after the new cast, since I am in the neighborhood and I have a willing chauffeur. I will get to show off my new cast and knee walker, a contraption still very few people know about. I don’t think knee walkers (or scooters) existed when I had my other leg in a cast, now more than 6 years ago.

On doctors’, family, colleagues’ and friends’ orders I closed my computer over the holidays, hence no blog postings and no email readings for several days in a row. I knitted (and am still knitting) various items for Faro and made two Oshkosh type pants out of one of Tessa’s old jeans and Axel’s rib cords from the 60s.

One of the MSH teams I sit on sent me an orchid by mail. The UPS driver carried the tall package carefully inside and Axel continued obeying the ‘Fragile’ and ‘This side Up’ stickers. A beautiful blooming orchid emerged – imagine that, all the way from California by mail! A second box with well wishing candles, beautifully packaged came along. Axel wondered whether I had been sitting in my chair ordering stuff, but I hadn’t and it was a great surprise and I was quite touched by it all.

1 Response to “Two weeks postop”

  1. 1 Judith J. Haycock December 2, 2013 at 11:23 pm

    You have planned a very busy December 3rd, which is not the most festive way to celebrate your birthday…the new smaller cast will certainly be a “gift” and seeing your MSH colleagues will be nice….hope all news will be positive and that you and Axel can enjoy a special meal “out” as you head home. You should post a picture of your special apparatus…

    Happy Birthday, Sylvia…best wishes for many happy, healthy years ahead!

    With love and a hug, Judy

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