I celebrated my 62nd birthday with a full day out of the house. Among the gifts I received were a neon pink cast and a box of Godiva truffles. The cast will stay on until the 31st of this month; the truffles are gone. I put myself on a diet of no more than 4 truffles a day. These are the things one never buys for oneself (a) because it’s such an indulgence and (b) they would blow a weightwatcher’s point allotment for the entire week. Not that I am on WW right now – I am on a vacation of sorts – but the cream and butter content is not good for my brain, I just learned from watching Daniel Amen on TedX.

The neural activity in my foot, according to the doctor, was a little odd but then again, the ankle was severely traumatized, what with the three enormous deck screws sticking out of the joint. I imagine the nerve cells frantically trying to find a new passage now that the previous one is blocked. Sometimes they appear to be sending out SOS signals to the other ankle, as if to check whether their comrades on the right side have some suggestions.

My new cast is lighter and smaller but no longer soft to the touch which makes the scooting less comfortable. On Tuesday I scooted around my office and even on the streets of Cambridge, leaving my shin rather sore. Scooting on brick or uneven pavement turned out to be a bit hazardous. City dwellers do well to get the all-terrain version of the scooter, as the small wheels get stuck in small ridges and with the center of gravity so high, a forward wheelie is too easy. I caught two of them in the nick of time.

We celebrated my birthday with Tessa in the restaurant of a colleague’s sister. We splurged by taking one thing from each category on the menu: snacks, cocktails, appetizers, main meal, dessert, cookies, wine and then the restaurant added sea salt caramels to complete the experience. Tessa paid half the bill. It is nice when your kids start to take you out.

I manage to be mostly back on a full work schedule from my recliner base. I moved my kidney shaped desk on wheels out of my office and am holding court in the living room with work, knitting and reading all within easy reach. Axel attends to my wishes by cooking and serving meals, though I can handle breakfast on my own, including making tea. I just can’t transport things all that well and eat in the kitchen, standing on one leg with the other resting on the scooter. 

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